Shaoxing Chenhao Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Name:Shaoxing Chenhao Chemicals Co., Ltd.
About Us
Shaoxing Chenhao Chemicals Co., Ltd., is specializes in manufacturing and marketing of dyestuffs, optical brightening agent and some high-performance organic pigments. Our optical brighteners can be widely applied in paper, textile, detergent and plastic industry. At same time, we also engage in disperse dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes, acid dyes, and the organic pigment of Benzimidazolone and Quinacridone series. Our company has strong technology and experienced technicians who are very professional in the products of design and development. We also cooperate with the science research office to develop the new products. We assure to provide the superior and competitive products to every customer according to the special requirements for multi-specifications, multi-batches& multi-sorts..
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